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I met Poppie a few years ago while I was struggling with headaches since my childhood. My headaches would stop me from focusing and be able to study. After the first treatment I felt like the fog in my head was gone and I could think again, I felt relief straight away. Poppie is a very nice, caring person, she made me feel comfortable and really understood me. It has now been over a year since my last headache. I strongly recommend Poppie she has been awesome and I am really grateful for her services. Poppie is really professional, and clear in her explanations. Her treatments are also varied I rarely had the same treatment which make me think she was always trying to do the best for me at the time

MB, Student, Kent



As a freelance offshore oil control room worker, I use computers constantly and stare at multiple screens for 12 hrs a day for 5 weeks, usually from a close proximity with varying acute angles. This over a period of time has given me headaches, muscle pains in my neck and sleeplessness nights. This as you can imagine is not very pleasant, as well as being quite painful. Two treatments with Poppie sorted the problem out, “good bye painkillers”. I also got some great advice about how to avoid it flaring up again, by doing some specific stretches. I must admit that I felt suspicious of osteopathy and felt it would involve bone crunching of some kind. I found it really gentle but very powerful. It really is comforting to know that there is an alternative to taking medication time and time again – Thanks Poppie for your kind and professional service”

KJM – Offshore Oil & Gas worker

5/5 stars



I was fortunate enough to be treated by Poppie in 2014. I had scheduled in an appointment for general relief of back, neck and shoulders due to my demanding job as a deck officer on a busy high profile vessel. What was meant to be a routine treatment turned into a lot more after I strained a disc in my lower back due to over exertion on board. This is a recurring problem that I deal with due to a ruptured disc I incurred a few years ago whilst surfing. Luckily for me Poppie was on hand to relieve to extreme discomfort with only 2 sessions a day apart. Her knowledge on my situation was very impressive and picked up the issue without me going into detail about my past accident. I have worked with many chiropractors, sports masseuses and physios over the years as I’m an active individual who played impact sports during my youth amongst other sports and I can honestly say that I was amazed at how Poppie managed to reduce my discomfort so quickly. Unfortunately for me, as I travel so much, I’m unable to see Poppie on a regular basis but if this weren’t the case I would be in her books every week for my body’s general wellbeing.

Daniel S, Cape Town, SA



Poppie sorted out my wrist pain with one click, and I haven't had it since, even though I've been using my wrist a lot for my crafting.

SK, Edinburgh



After four painful months of misdiagnosis of a shoulder injury by my doctor and physio, Poppie had me virtually pain free with one visit of mixed treatments, acupuncture and cranial osteopathy.

JW Whitby



Can’t recommend Poppie highly enough, she has sorted out allergy issues, nutritional stuff, emotional release and helped remedy a long term back spasm that various others failed to get to the root cause of. She’s a very complete package. 

CG, Yorkshire



Over the years Poppie has helped me with a vast array of musculoskeletal problems from lower back & hip pain to migraines & vertigo with great, yet gentle, osteopathic skill. Poppie has also managed to get me back on track and feeling fabulous many a time with her outstanding nutritional and supplementary knowledge & advice. She is incredibly easy to talk to and one feels cared for and comfortable from the outset. A one stop holistic shop.

RFW, Essex





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