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Naturopathy Edinburgh Portobello
Naturopathy Edinburgh Portobello

What is Naturopathy?


Similar to Osteopathy, Naturopathy is a philosophy and holistic health care system that recognises the healing power of nature present in all living things, provided it has the optimum conditions.


Therefore within the naturopathic philosophy the practitioner aims to work with the client to restore health and balance through a variety of natural treatment approaches. These may include naturopathic nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle advice.


What happens when you consult a naturopathic physician?


Your naturopath examines all aspects of your lifestyle that may adversely affect you.


You will be asked detailed questions about any current ill health, past medical history, eating habits, allergies or sensitivities and lifestyle issues.


Stress levels, biomechanical or structural factors and emotional aspects may be discussed or examined and strategies to reduce problem areas will be explored.


Naturopaths use a variety of methods to assess health including laboratory and biomechanical tests, mineral assays and allergy testing. These tests help discover why you are ill and how you can get better.


Naturopaths study the same medical and health sciences as conventional doctors to degree and post graduate level. In addition they study nutritional science and detoxification methods and the influence of emotions on health and disease.


The General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN) is the largest register of professional naturopaths and accredits training courses in the UK. It ensures the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics of its members.












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