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Poppie Vincent macLachlainn



Treating people in the best way for them is how Poppie likes to work.  At Ensure Health she uses her comprehensive knowledge of natural health care to help clients in the best way that suits them. She chooses the treatments most suited to the individual at the time, from the wide range of skills she has at her disposal.  These tools could include nutrition, western medical acupuncture, herbal medicine, homoeopathic first aid and of course osteopathy.


The aims are to work with the client to achieve health and pain free status as quickly and cost effectively as possible, but also in a way that fits in with their busy lifestyle. This often includes a series of treatments to get back to health and then 6 monthly or yearly MOT type check ups to help prevent it coming back.


Poppie’s specialism is based in her own difficulty in conceiving, and carrying a pregnancy to term, and she therefore understands the difficulties both situations present.


Preconception nutritional and physical preparation can be followed by a healthy painfree pregnancy. In addition, once baby arrives a post partum check for both mum and baby can ensure both recover quickly. It can also reduce stressful situations such as a restless baby, retained moulding of the head and other common difficulties babies experience when trying to adapt to the world outside the womb. Once those are addressed it means you are both free to enjoy being a new family. Having said that, Osteopathy can be useful at any age or stage of life.


Poppie trained as a naturopath over 20 years ago in New Zealand and Australia, where she worked and lived until she left to follow her Scottish husband to sea.


Having worked at sea for 8 years, she moved to England to study for a Master's degree in Osteopathy graduating with first class honours. After working as a locum in the south and east of England, she moved to Edinburgh to set up practice in the Portobello area. In her spare time she grows her own medicinal herbs in the garden behind the clinic.


Poppie is also registered with both UK governing bodies General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and GCRN that regulate the practice of osteopathy and naturopathy.


Poppie uses Genova Laboratories testing to ascertain benchmark status from which to work towards future health. These tests when repeated provide evidence of improvement and are useful in helping to work towards balance. These are some of the tests available, for more information follow the links below


For nutritional status:


For Effects of stress on the body


For fertility issues:





Poppie Vincent Osteopath Naturopath Edinburgh Portobello
 T. 07437 835065
Registered Osteopath Edinburgh Portobello
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