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We work in partnership with our clients. We offer you the highest quality treatments, which aim to get you out of pain and back to health as quickly as possible. We look at the whole body and try to figure out why you are in pain, we also then do our best to help stop it coming back. 


In addition we encourage our clients to take charge of their own health, and aim to supply the best tools to do this, by providing advice about lifestyle and preventive exercise/ stretch plans as well as the highest quality treatment.


After assessing you to see whether our treatments are suitable, we use a combination of osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, naturopathic nutrition, homoeopathic first aid, massage and western medical acupuncture to help you manage your health.


Although osteopaths are generally best known for our treatments of back and neck pain, we may also be able to help your body accommodate the changes that occur in conditions such as:


  • Pregnancy & birth preparation i.e. nausea, heartburn, backache and pubic pain

  • Post partum changes as the body returns to “normal”

  • Moulding of baby’s head

  • Restless and sleepless babies

  • Neuralgia and sinus pain

  • Neck pain

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Tennis and golfer's elbow

  • Rheumatic and arthritic conditions

  • Sciatica and lower back problems

  • Joint pain

  • Headaches and migraine

  • Whiplash and other accident related injuries,

  • Repetitive strain injury







As Osteopaths we spend four to five years training to understand the relationship between the body’s organs, joints and muscles and therefore always treat the whole body and person, not just the symptoms that bring you to us.


We pride ourselves on being dedicated, enthusiastic and always honest. We endeavour to find the root cause of the pain, offering both treatment and a continued home care plan so that you don’t need to keep coming back.


As we have knowledge of many disciplines, we can offer other preventative treatments in house or refer you to someone in our network to continue your pain relief plan.



Monday to Friday 9:00 - 5:00

Tuesday until 8:00


Appointments are available outside of these times by arrangement

T. 07437 835065

10 Duddingston Crescent


EH15 3AS

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